Copenhagen - street

Copenhagen City Guide

Remember when 18 months ago I said I was definitely going back to Copenhagen. Well I was right.

Earlier this year, my husband and I booked flights, a Airbnb flat and started planning a city break in Copenhagen. My mother and sister then joined us and we all met one Friday evening in May 2017.

I created a map before leaving of the key places I wanted to visit:


How we moved around in Copenhagen

From the airport, we got the train to the Central Station, which was cheap and really easy to navigate.

We wanted to rent bikes to enjoy the city as the Danes do and opted for the  city bikes. We managed to go to the places we wouldn’t have gone to if we were walking. There was a station 5 minutes away from the flat so it made things easy for us.


Where we ate in Copenhagen

Copenhagen - Host


Copenhagen - Granola

What we visited in Copenhagen

Copenhagen - street
Copenhagen streets


Copenhagen - Design Museum


Copenhagen - Nyhavn


Copenhagen - Hotel Central
Hotel Central


Copenhagen - Little Mermaid
Little Mermaid


Copenhagen - Frederiks Kirke
Frederiks Kirke

My mum and sister being architects, we also went to see the following sights:

  • Cirkelbroen
  • Cyckelslangen
  • the Opera
  • the Library or Black Diamond
  • the Danish Architecture Centre
  • the Royal Danish Playhouse
  • Superkilen, the award-winning urban open space

Where we shopped in Copenhagen